Friday, May 30, 2014

Me Made May 2014: Week 4 Recap

You guys. Ugh.

I love wearing things I've made--I mean, come on, that's why I made this stuff in the first place--but I'm pretty much done with the part where I try to pose in a fashion that shows off the... well... fashions. My hands. Where do I put my hands?! On my hips apparently. That said, here's another week on the books!

Day 18 - Sewbon Running Belt: So I've been taking our very deserving dog on some longer walks lately, and while I enjoy the exercise and fresh air as much as he does, he's just not much of a conversationalist. Probably because he's too busy sniffing EVERY BLADE OF GRASS we pass. No matter, though. I've got my phone to keep me company with music, or even better, audio books. Look, I found time to read-ish! Anyway, add the phone to the poop bag (let's call a spade a spade here), hand wipes (again: poop), my keys, the leash, etc., and I found myself longing for -- gulp -- a fanny pack. The Internet met my plea with something so much better though, and from a sewing blogger I adore, no less! Have you seen the Running Belt tutorial from Sewbon? (Link above.) I'm as in love with something that has "running" in the title as I'm ever going to be*. I might go back in a stitch a couple of vertical lines to create a more defined pouch since I've found my stuff sort of slipping out of convenient reach in the belt's tube, but it's still awesome. Two thumbs up, which I totally have now that all of my items are safely tucked away in my Running Belt.

*The Running Man. I also love the Running Man.

Day 18, part 2 - Wiksten Tank: I've made at least half a dozen Wiksten Tanks, so it's pretty shocking that we're this far in without a sighting. I think it's because I've been so focused on trying to dress the Me-Made-May part that I haven't wanted to reach for my basics, opting instead for peacock feather dresses and elephant skirts.

But! I've got a few, they're perfect with jeans, and of course they layer under a cardigan effortlessly. If you sew you likely already knew that and probably have a closet full of them yourself. This one is a cotton gauze with no adjustments to the pattern. Score.

Day 19 - Made by Rae Ruby Top: I've already waxed poetic about Ruby this month, but what's a wordy-recap from me without the words to make it happen? For this one I used a shot cotton for the yoke and an Anna Maria Horner voile for the body. When I started sewing again after many years away, it was Rae's blog that introduced me to AMH voile. I don't know if it's a first love thing, but now I hold her fabrics as my gold standard. I loooove them. All voile, all for me, please.

Oh, and this top got a slight hemline alteration, using the Wiksten Tank as a guide.

Day 20 - Colette Patterns Moneta Dress: Another one I've covered, but this was actually my first version. I found the fabric on super sale at Joann, originally intended for a dress for my daughter. She got her dress, but I also made a swing back to the store for some dots of my own. I only wish that I'd taken the time to sew mine with as much care as I did hers. Thanks to my serged seams, I just don't feel like this one is going to hold up as well as its peacock couterpart. Oh well! I played with my double needle, and I'm sure to get my money's worth out of it thanks to the aforementioned discount on the cotton jersey. And of course I love the pattern.

Day 21 - Made by Rae Josephine Top: OK, as I glance back at my Me Made May gallery, I appear to be a bit of a Made by Rae fangirl, which just begs the question: Where's my Washi Dress? The answer is that it's awaiting a full bust adjustment on the pattern, and that it will come eventually, BUT IN THE MEANTIME(!) there's Rae's Josephine which comes with two cup size options. What?! Fan-damn-tastic. All the work was done for me, and I just had to focus on what fabric to use. This one is a lightweight chambray, and I've got voile and rayon versions in the queue. The pleats (pintucks?) are surprisingly easy to sew, but high impact. Huzzah!

Day 22 - Salme Patterns Gathered Top: So. This shirt. It seemed like a great idea at the time, which was well over a year ago, but after wearing it once and seeing the photos (Mother's Day last year... don't ask to see 'em), I decided that I'd be better off scrapping it and using the fabric to make something else entirely. But then Water Day at my kiddo's preschool rolled around, I was able to take the day off, and I wanted to wear something light and breezy. I figured a bunch of three and four-year-olds wouldn't be too critical so I dug it out. You know, it kind of grew on me. It may still end up with another life, but at least we had Water Day. What do you guys think?

Day 23 - Colette Patterns Mabel Skirt: Unlike my love at first sight with the Moneta, I was a little, "Meh," when I first saw the Mabel Skirt pattern. After seeing a few versions pop up online, though, I was suddenly convinced that my handmade life wouldn't be complete without a simple knit pencil skirt. This is another muslin (I need to tweak the waistband a bit), but it's so, so comfortable. My styling here could use a little nudge one way or the other (am I preppy? am I Bohemian?), but the ease of wearing this skirt trumps it all. I've got fabric ready to go for another, and if I can get over my "Does this make me look like Kelly Bundy?" feeling, I'll be all set!

Day 24 - Wiksten Tova Dress: Not only have I covered this pattern, but I covered this very version of this very dress. So instead, let's talk about my shoes. They're leopard print Dr. Scholl's classic sandals that I bought about 18 years ago. They may be my oldest shoes, and I think that they were my very first leopard print item. I'm fond of them and sentimental as can be, so imagine how pissed I was when they nearly came flying off of my feet thanks to TWO rogue screws that spontaneously gave up on me as I was walking through the grocery store. Of course I'll fix them (sentimental shoes and all), but man did they almost ruin my weekend mojo.

And that's it! One more week to go in this whole Me Made May thing. Whew. I've also got a little "Frozen" Elsa magic up my sleeve for those of you who are tired of seeing my mug, but would like to see my little blonde muse take a turn. (I'm looking at you, Mom and Mother-in-Law!)

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