Monday, March 7, 2011

Let's go on a picnik!, that is.

Some of my favorite mommy-blogs are as much about the photos as they are about the actual text. I feel like I've not only watched these children grow up, but thanks to the richness of the photos their mommies have included on their blogs, I feel like I know them. These are more than just little snapshots - these are rich, deep photos that are so "alive" that you feel like you're there with them. I feel like I've been to Utah. I feel like I've spent days at the Isle of Capri. I haven't, of course, but I have enjoyed images of those savory spots, and I feel like I've felt the warmth of sweet baby cheeks coming through the computer screen.

And that brings us to Joe sent me a link to yet another blog written my yet another mommy with yet another camera. I wasn't especially sucked in by this mommy's writing (am I a blog snob?), but I did appreciate the note from Joe that she uses the same camera we have and that she edits most of her photos with Picnik.

Oh, okay.

Neither of us were familiar with the site, but last week that changed.

Enter the wonderful world of super-easy photo editing:

Original cropped shot by Daddy

Picnik edit one... yummy, yummy color!

Retro Picnik edit two... how very '60s!

Yes, I'm trying not to punch my computer to learn Photoshop, but in the meantime, you can expect some way over-edited, picnik-ed images to grace this clunky ol' blog page!*

*Joe doesn't like my clunky ol' blog page, so maybe once I master Photoshop, I'll do something cooler.


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