Monday, March 7, 2011

A delayed birthday tradition-to-be

Going into Charlie's first birthday I started getting a bevy of emails from all of the newsletters I subscribe to with all sorts of great ideas about how I should mark my bebe's big day. Good grief. In the middle of all of the useless (to me anyway) ideas, there was one I could actually get behind: put a special shirt on your little one and take a picture. Next year on her birthday and each year to come, put the same shirt on her and snap another picture to really mark her growth. That one I liked!

Fast forward to Charlie's actual birthday, January 25th.

Fast forward again to Charlie's 13-month birthday, February 25th.

Sure, it was a month late, but so what? We went for it! I looked around for a shirt that could be her special look-how-big-I-am-now photo, but I didn't really like any of the ones I saw online. Then I thought, why purchase a kids' shirt for her to grow in to when I could use one of my own... you know, something big enough to really torture her with for YEARS. Enter a very cool Beatles t-shirt that Joe gave me for one of our first Valentine's Days together. Vintage-look, great band that she simply has to adore, and a special meaning and connection to Mom and Dad. Perfect!

Too bad the thing looks enormous on her - but wait, there's always next year!

Let it be? Nope, not me!


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  1. I love it! I love the idea, I love the shirt, I love the sentiment, and I love you!


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