Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Naming a blog is hard.

So yesterday I decided it was high time to start a blog of my very own.

I like lots of blogs. I laugh at plenty of blogs. I read several blogs each day (because really, who has time for all that book readin' when there's an Internet sitting literally in my lap!). Hell, my mom has two blogs. But I didn't have a blog to call my own.

Until now, that is!

I announced to Joe as we were walking out the door to get dinner last night that I was going to start a blog today, and that I needed a name. Great. This should be easy; he's a creative services director (read: He actually writes witty and compelling copy everyday. Well, he writes everyday. Roofing can only be so compelling, you know.) and I'm a marketing director. That's creative too, right?


Maybe it's because it was the end of the day, or maybe we're just not as smart as I thought we were. Either way, it's lucky our daughter isn't named Fart. (No, really, that was one of his suggestions for the blog name because every time I see it written out, I giggle. Fart. Ha!) Anyway, after some snarky back and forth and many cries of "there are no bad ideas in brainstorming!" we settled on something involving my married name: KOPP. No, not like "cop," like "cope." Clever, I know. And not at all confusing since it's so clear in its pronunciation.

And there you have it, I now have a blog. And it has a name. And I'm kopping with it. (Ooh... this is gonna be fun gang!)


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  2. Will all entries be as revisionist in nature?

    For the record, I don't recall a specific date being placed on the blog's creation; rather, it was put out there more in the context of "I'd like to learn Spanish" or "I'm gonna start working out." Accordingly, there wasn't a "we" in the final naming decision.

    Also, for the record, I think "Black Beans and Butt Pants" remains a perfectly sound option.


  3. I love the name! It definitely comes in handy having a name that sounds like another word...I would have no such luck with the Italian last name I am sporting!

  4. Can I use "How I Fart" then?


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