Sunday, February 13, 2011

Eat it.

Yesterday Charlie and I slept late, all the way to nearly quarter to 8:00! Sure, that means a later morning nap time, but it also means happy, smiling, smooshy baby cheeks and extra-wild bed head. 

Surprisingly, it also inspired the feeling that breakfast should be made at home instead of purchased at Bruegger's. (Don't get me wrong, though - we love our Bruegger's! So much so that the Christmas gift of a bottomless coffee cup from the cats has probably already paid for itself. And it's only February. Mmmm... coffee. Even if it is decaf.)

But today we decided we had plenty of good things just waiting to be made edible, so we did. I made what were easily the best scrambled eggs I've ever cracked, toast with fruit preserves, and a cup of yogurt, all for my little monkey. Even the coffee I brewed was just right. (I can't vouch for Joe's Via, though.) 

And Charlie? Well, she enjoyed her water. And Mommy's everything bagel with cream cheese. 

Oh well.

At least there was sunshine...

And new Chucks!

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