Friday, February 11, 2011

A baby, I have one.

Yep, I have a baby. She's awesome. And no, she didn't pay me to say that. Unless you count peeing on the floor as payment.

This is what she used to look like:

And then, a few weeks later, she looked like this:

Then, after we watered her, she looked like this:

Then, for awhile there, after we sunned her, she looked like this:

And then she became mobile and looked a little more like this:

And now? Well, for now she looks like this:

That's her: My sweet little Charlie Bean. My tiny, little peanut. My organic-eatin', cloth-diapered, holistically-cared-for baby.

And what did she do yesterday?

She shoveled a fistful of cat food into that precious little mouth.


  1. LOVE the scroll through the last year. So I am assuming that the cats are also fed nice organic, holistic cat food, so all is well, right?? :-)

  2. But it was organic cat food, wasn't it?

  3. Yes Ladies, the cats get somewhat organic, somewhat holistic food. But they also poop in a box.


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